The only Appt. I will be making

Hey Overdorsers its been some time since my last post. That’s only because I’ve been busy networking. Graduation is in a few months and that means I now need to enter my field[YIKES]. So I heard about this new streetwear store that recently opened in Wynwood called Appt. Only, of Course you guys know I had to check it out myself. I wanted to intern for a day just to see if the atmosphere was comfortable and be sure that this was where I wanted to be[secretly this was me interviewing them.I mean they interview us so why can’t we interview them you know lol] Fast forward to last week I finally reached out to a mutual friend who is employed there and asked if it would be possible for me to volunteer for a day. Now you guys know I hate retail so I was not trying to be no sales associate but Merchandising and social media was definitely something that I wanted to do. I spoke to the GM on the phone and our conversation went a little like this

Hi my name is Sheana Dagrin, I am a graduating student majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Johnson & Wales University. Im very much interested in becoming a part of your team and wanted to know if I would be able to volunteer my time to get a better feel of your brand and show case my merchandising skills.

She felt it would be a great Idea and asked for me to send her a copy of my resume. So I did just that and attached a short introduction email with it.

Hi my name is Sheana Dagrin, I am a graduating student majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Johnson & Wales University. Im very much interested in becoming a part of your team and wanted to know if I would be able to volunteer my time to get a better feel of your brand and show case my merchandising skills. Although Merchandising is my passion I’m much more than just a Visual Merchandiser—I’m a marketer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, an influencer, a designer and an interior design geek. I look forward to hearing from you.

Days passed and I didn’t hear anything from her, so me being all self conscious I’m like damn maybe my resume wasnt good enough. So I left it alone and then my boyfriend told me to follow up. Boy did I forget how much a follow up letter or email means. Well she ended up giving me the green light and I was able to merchandise some of their apparel, help work on their website and social media. They seemed very pleased with the content of my work so hopefully that means I am in. They invited me to help out at a photoshoot for a Magazine but can’t show you these pics or tell you which magazine just yet =p(Look out for my next post). Anyways here is a few images I took so you guys can see the way I merchandised the inside of the showroom.


This outfit gave me LIFE! So much life that I decided to try surfing for the first time(key word TRY). I was always good at keeping my balance since I did gymnastics in Canada, but its just something more to this sport that requires you to practice in a wave pool first. Anyways I got my wet suite from Forver21 about 4 weeks ago from their Swim & Surf Collection. Although the One piece is no longer available, there is plenty more to choose from.


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Pool Side at Soho Beach House in Miami

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Wearing: Express Maxi Dress|Issa De Mar Swim|Aldo Purse|Forever21 Sandals|Kate Spade sunnies

Wow its seriously been 2 months since my last post. So much has happened within that gap, I’ll try and bring you guys up to speed. When I am not posting on the blog you can always find me on Instagram(phashionoverdose) or Snapchat(phashion_OD).

So if you’re a South Beach head like moi, you know all about that cute swanky membership house/hotel located on Collins by FountainBleau. I was recently invited to spend a day at the Soho Beach House in Miami. Now I’ve visited once before, but it was strictly business. Let’s be real, it’s quite a process to become a member, so why not not take advantage if its FREE. I’ve been Dying to wear my Issa De Mar Swim that I got at the Urban Decay Event a few months back and what better occasion. I love how the the top tribal piece blends in with my Express dress. Anyways The hotel is uber-cool! I made my way to OCHO(the 8th Floor)which houses a rooftop pool and a bar just for the adults. It isolates you from all the madness that goes on on the 2nd floor. I got to bring two of my gals with me so it was bound to be a good day. There isn’t much to choose from on the Menu at OCHO; but 3 drinks, a Dirty Burger, some Tacos & A LOT of lounging by the pool was just enough to put a smile on my face.

I didn’t get a chance to Dine at Cecconi’s since I had to meet up with blogger babe Ria Michelle(who I am interning with) for our Barre class with Adidas, but this rooftop terrace with hanging light jars will definitely get a visit from me next time around. Thinking of becoming a member if I can find two people that are already a part of it, which is needed on the application >_<.



Crop Top “Hug Me” from Love Culture|Ankle Rolled BoyFriend Jeans from American Eagle| Shirt Dress from H&M|White sandal w/ Gold accent from Zara|Hat from Love Culture|Royal Blue Leather Backpack from Nine West

wpid-20150315_173041.jpg DSC_0747I visited Rodeo Drive my last day there. I say visiting because that is literally all we did. Surrounded by all these high end stores a girl like me really wanted to shop, but with what money? Its LA so you can pretty much see celebrities anywhere but a trip Rodeo Drive will guarantee you a peek of some hot shot celebrity spending there fortunes in these snazzy shops.

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American Eagle Top|BDG for Urban Outfiters Bottom|Wanted Sneaker Wedges| Aldo Acessorie kitten Head Band| Wayfair RayBans|Forever21 Knuckle Ring


These photos were taken on my trip to Los Angeles last week, It was my first time visiting the city and I totally fell in-love. I only did two outfit posts (peep the other) in the city since it was a short trip and I spent most of the time hanging out with family and stalking the Kardashians lol(legit). I hope to go back again for a longer period of time, 3 days just wasn’t enough.

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How I wore my Polka Dot sweater..

Hey guys! I cant wait till winter is over, I’ve had enough of it by now. If you live out of FL, your probably saying to your self  “what winter is she complaining about?”. Truth of the matter is although it doesn’t snow in Florida, we sure as hell get the left over wind from the North. Yesterday was “just one of those days”(Monica Voice), so I decided to layer up.

Noelle list 2I wore my reversible Polka dot sweater from Express that I purchased last year for $60, with a Ralph Lauren white collared dress shirt underneath. I fell in love with this piece because it gave you two looks with one piece. Its very soft and comfy and is sure to keep you warm.[ Similar Style] Herehere or here

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply skinny jeans ,which are stretch and also very comfortable. If I had to choose a pair of jeans to wear everyday for the rest of my life I would pick these with no hesitation.

Last but not least my Valentino dupes which I got for my birthday from one of my amazing Co-workers =). I own a pair of Valentino heels which I got from my mom years ago, but I’ve always wanted a pair of Valentino kitten heels but refuse to “ball on a budget”. Oh well until then these dupes will do, Whose going to know unless I tell them…which I will;NO SHAME IN MY GAME!