rihanna-anti-reveal-2015-billboard-650Ahhh! Have you heard about Rihanna’s new album cover? It’s been over a year since we await on this album drop, what we referred to as the “R8” album is actually called “ANTI”. The cover was designed by artist Roy Nachum, portraying a younger version of  Rihanna holding a balloon with a gold crown concealing her eyes. “Sometimes the ones who have sight are the blindest,” Rihanna said at the Los Angeles gallery last week, as she revealed the Title and Cover of this album. New cover means the album should be released soon(November 6, 2015), but according to Billboards.com a source close to the singer informs them that it’s not the correct date. So until she decides to release it, here is a full teaser

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1.Nothing’s Promised

2.Bitch Better Have my Money

3.James Joint

4.Kisst it Better


6.FourFive seconds

7.American Oxygen

8.Only if for a night