#packyourbags w/ Victoria Secret


I was just adding a selfie stick to my wish list, and then VS emails me. Get ready to #packyourbags because VS is giving away  selfie sticks to the first 50 customers that arrive at selected* stores just for showing up! The event start at 2pm tomorrow lets see if I’m  one of those 50 customers, I hope I am lol. Aside from that get free sexy beach braids (ft. The Victoria Secret hair collection).

*Unable to link the selected stores to the blog so if you want to know which ones near you will be part of this event, leave a comment with your City & State and I’ll share the deets.
No Purchase necessary
Valid only 03/07/11



So a few months ago, I received this Deep Sea Cosmetic Magnetic Mud Mask Compliments of Aurora Cosmetics and I absolutely fell in love with it! First and for most I have very dry and irritated skin and after months of using it has made a tremendous difference. It’s magnetic pull is very strong and is full of  minerals so you wouldn’t want to use this product more than once or twice a week(it should last you a year on average).

To use I applied a thin layer of this to my clean dry skin & rubbed the product over my entire face in an upward motion. After 15 minutes of application, using the magnet (which is strong as hell) wrap the magnet in a paper towel (I use cotton Squares. I found out the hard way that its probably best to cover it in a sheet of paper that isn’t so thin, otherwise the paper rips and you’ll spend eternity trying to get the product off the magnet). Gently glide the magnet over your skin without pressing down. You will see it lifting the product off and it will adhere to the magnet. It’s actually very neat to see(check out my video below for footage).After you are done Do NOT wash your face, you want to leave the minerals on your face & use the milk cleanser to remove any extra dirt while still leaving minerals behind.
This mask is awesome for pimples, acne, black heads and anti-Aging! It’s a bit on the pricey side but it is well worth it, even my boyfriend likes it lol and you know guys!

P.s. I lost my application stick and broke my magnet within the first weeks which is the reason for me using the pink applicator stick
This post has been created in partnership Aurora Cosmetics, All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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