While not everyone can afford to shop at boutiques like Balmain, Chanel, Givenchy and Valentino, Zara is one of the most affordable high-street retailers in the industry. Despite its affordable price, there are still some consumers that can’t afford to invest in trendy Zara pieces. If your goal is to look trendy and cool without breaking the bank,  no worries we’ve got you covered!

when nothing goes right, go left!

Lefties is a manufactured-owned outlet we never knew existed. The chain store organization was launched by Zara owner inditex to help “clean out” last season stock in order to create room for next season’s offering. The younger sister brand of Zara opened its first brick and mortar in 1993, but seems to have plans of offshore expansion with the years to come. Can you imagine getting show stopping pieces at half the price? With Lefties offering such good bargain retailers like Primarkk & H&M will be given a run for their money, and may need to re-evaluate theirstrategic planning.  While all stores are presently located in Spain, there are no set dates to when a store will be launched in the US.  A new website, glossy campaign and revamped shops  points towards global expansion

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