The only Appt. I will be making

Hey Overdorsers its been some time since my last post. That’s only because I’ve been busy networking. Graduation is in a few months and that means I now need to enter my field[YIKES]. So I heard about this new streetwear store that recently opened in Wynwood called Appt. Only, of Course you guys know I had to check it out myself. I wanted to intern for a day just to see if the atmosphere was comfortable and be sure that this was where I wanted to be[secretly this was me interviewing them.I mean they interview us so why can’t we interview them you know lol] Fast forward to last week I finally reached out to a mutual friend who is employed there and asked if it would be possible for me to volunteer for a day. Now you guys know I hate retail so I was not trying to be no sales associate but Merchandising and social media was definitely something that I wanted to do. I spoke to the GM on the phone and our conversation went a little like this

Hi my name is Sheana Dagrin, I am a graduating student majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Johnson & Wales University. Im very much interested in becoming a part of your team and wanted to know if I would be able to volunteer my time to get a better feel of your brand and show case my merchandising skills.

She felt it would be a great Idea and asked for me to send her a copy of my resume. So I did just that and attached a short introduction email with it.

Hi my name is Sheana Dagrin, I am a graduating student majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at Johnson & Wales University. Im very much interested in becoming a part of your team and wanted to know if I would be able to volunteer my time to get a better feel of your brand and show case my merchandising skills. Although Merchandising is my passion I’m much more than just a Visual Merchandiser—I’m a marketer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, an influencer, a designer and an interior design geek. I look forward to hearing from you.

Days passed and I didn’t hear anything from her, so me being all self conscious I’m like damn maybe my resume wasnt good enough. So I left it alone and then my boyfriend told me to follow up. Boy did I forget how much a follow up letter or email means. Well she ended up giving me the green light and I was able to merchandise some of their apparel, help work on their website and social media. They seemed very pleased with the content of my work so hopefully that means I am in. They invited me to help out at a photoshoot for a Magazine but can’t show you these pics or tell you which magazine just yet =p(Look out for my next post). Anyways here is a few images I took so you guys can see the way I merchandised the inside of the showroom.

Star Wars Inspired Flatlay

Star Wars Inspired Flatlay

Vans sneaker

Loungefly zip bag

Maison Margiela ring
$385 –

Pieces yellow gold ring
$15 –

Caps hat

Tech accessory
$20 –


Monki makeup
$7.45 –

Hair brush



Hey overdosers,

It’s been a long time I know =/, but I bring good news. When the Miami domain launched, at I figured it would be a good opportunity to brand myself as #miamigirl. I have been blogging for about a year now and figured it was time to remove the that was linked to my domain. I mean why not right, if I want this to be a serious thing I have to invest sweat, time and especially  money. Anyways I’ve redirected to a self hosted blog I would really appreciate if you continue this journey with me and resubscribe to avoid minimum disruption to receiving more exciting posts. As 2015 comes to its last, there are so many fun events to cover, holiday giveaways to offer and news to share.

See you on the other side.

Full Balmain x H&M Collaboration Lookbook!


Shut up and take my money! Vogue & GQ has released the Lookbook for the Balmain X H&M collaboration yesterday. Olivier Rousteing’s is a Genius! He is one designer that knows how to keep his fans happy. That pearl-embellished blazer is one of my favorite and will definitely be on my wish list. The men’s collection is impeccable, I guess Christmas came early for my boyfriend. Will you be shopping this collection on November 5th?


rihanna-anti-reveal-2015-billboard-650Ahhh! Have you heard about Rihanna’s new album cover? It’s been over a year since we await on this album drop, what we referred to as the “R8” album is actually called “ANTI”. The cover was designed by artist Roy Nachum, portraying a younger version of  Rihanna holding a balloon with a gold crown concealing her eyes. “Sometimes the ones who have sight are the blindest,” Rihanna said at the Los Angeles gallery last week, as she revealed the Title and Cover of this album. New cover means the album should be released soon(November 6, 2015), but according to a source close to the singer informs them that it’s not the correct date. So until she decides to release it, here is a full teaser

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1.Nothing’s Promised

2.Bitch Better Have my Money

3.James Joint

4.Kisst it Better


6.FourFive seconds

7.American Oxygen

8.Only if for a night


While not everyone can afford to shop at boutiques like Balmain, Chanel, Givenchy and Valentino, Zara is one of the most affordable high-street retailers in the industry. Despite its affordable price, there are still some consumers that can’t afford to invest in trendy Zara pieces. If your goal is to look trendy and cool without breaking the bank,  no worries we’ve got you covered!

when nothing goes right, go left!

Lefties is a manufactured-owned outlet we never knew existed. The chain store organization was launched by Zara owner inditex to help “clean out” last season stock in order to create room for next season’s offering. The younger sister brand of Zara opened its first brick and mortar in 1993, but seems to have plans of offshore expansion with the years to come. Can you imagine getting show stopping pieces at half the price? With Lefties offering such good bargain retailers like Primarkk & H&M will be given a run for their money, and may need to re-evaluate theirstrategic planning.  While all stores are presently located in Spain, there are no set dates to when a store will be launched in the US.  A new website, glossy campaign and revamped shops  points towards global expansion

Over Sized T-shirts are back

Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy. My mom could not get me to wear shoes for the life of her, let alone anything with flowers! All I owned was sneakers and over sized shirts. It’s not everyday a girl wants to be in a pair of tight  jeans or a dress that compliments her figure.

I know ya noticed the trend that’s been going in for a while now “The Oversized T-shirt” frenzy or the “Boyfriend shirt”. I went Shopping for Tax Free week and ran into this bad boy in the H&M men’s department. It wasn’t by luck though I often shop masculine to achieve that street style look that I adore. Anyways I fell in love with it at first sight and knew I had to get it especially since it was pretty cheap ($17). I paired it with heels to attend this Magazine launch party, but I know my white leather converse sneakers will be the ideal fit.